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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I don't mind the set. If they wanna do something different like If You Want Blood You've Got It, Rock N Roll Damnation or Sin City that would be cool. At least they're still playing 20 songs a night and giving the people a quality set. HAABPTB is cool just because of the riff but I could go without DED they could put a better rarity in it's place.
agreed....I would like to see at this second tour of the US to drop say "Anything Goes" and "Big jack" and even something else old instead of "Dog Eat Dog"..... how about an odd old one from Brian's era..anything new from "For Those about to rock" would be great..."Sin City" would be cool, old and something people would know....and then how about something really out there..."Kicked in the Teeth", "Rocker", "Walk All Over You", or "Problem Child" which would probably go down really great with the crowd....I never see that here in the US setlists.....
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