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Originally Posted by Altmer7989 View Post
I'm European so it's slightly different here (we get Opeth, Unexpect and Bigelf), but I like these package tours: means I get to see a lot of bands I didn't see before. I don't need to hear Metropolis for the dozenth time from them, I like that they give other bands a shot. I think they are doing it to give those no-name bands a chance, show 'em off to the world, and make a package tour where you have more of them. I know the summer tours in the US are pretty ass that way, and I'd rather have DT play a slightly longer set, too, but it's not gonna happen with the DT song lengths. It's more of a moral thing; I think they will come back to play the US for a second leg with longer sets.

I wouldn't have paid for this lineup either; after PoS dropped off, that was the nail in the coffin for this tour.
Yeah European audiences always seem to be luckier. Bands play over there way more often and some of them seem to play longer there as well. Maybe the curfews for venues are different here and YES i do wanna hear DT play Metropolis all the time what DT fan doesn't? With their song length longer sets are possible by simply going back to the "Evening With" format.

I do agree the advantage to package tours is the possibility of seeing multiple bands you like on one bill. But it's also it's downfall as well because you don't get to see bands who are perfectly able of putting on a quality length headline set do so a lot of the time. It was stated eariler in this thread that there are people going to see DT for the first time so there's gotta be certian songs that are staples in the set. How many people you think go to see DT and wanna hear PMU, Metropolis and Voices? I'm guessing just about all of the audience. How many do you think are saying when they go to a show right now "I really hope they do Sacrificed Sons and TDOE" probably not too many at all.

Sorry if i'm coming off like an ass on this thread but Portnoy should really know better when it comes to song selections for their shows
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