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I'm European so it's slightly different here (we get Opeth, Unexpect and Bigelf), but I like these package tours: means I get to see a lot of bands I didn't see before. I don't need to hear Metropolis for the dozenth time from them, I like that they give other bands a shot. I think they are doing it to give those no-name bands a chance, show 'em off to the world, and make a package tour where you have more of them. I know the summer tours in the US are pretty ass that way, and I'd rather have DT play a slightly longer set, too, but it's not gonna happen with the DT song lengths. It's more of a moral thing; I think they will come back to play the US for a second leg with longer sets.

I wouldn't have paid for this lineup either; after PoS dropped off, that was the nail in the coffin for this tour.
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