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Ensiferum - From Afar

This review won't be as long as some of my others have been, primarily because I'm not that vested in this band or genre, and also because it's rather easy to say what I have to say about this album in relatively few words.

This album is fun. Ensiferum are folky as hell, and they are truly in top form on this album. The cool thing is, they are also as thrashy as ever. The musicianship on display here is so good, it almost goes unnoticed due to the catchy medieval tone of the music, which is very much in the vein of something like Amon Amarth (although the overall tone is a lot less dramatic or serious). Make no mistake about it, though - these people can truly shred.

Basically, Ensiferum is not for everyone. If you take your music (or perhaps yourself) too seriously, you may not like this (or them). But if you do like Ensiferum, you will likely be smiling from ear to ear before getting halfway through the first official track (which is track number two - track one is an intro).

I saw this band as an afterthought at Summer Slaughter 2009, and I'm so glad I did. My initial listen to their material (about a year ago - someone gave me some mp3's) had left me underwhelmed, and I was not likely to revisit them again. But once I saw how much fun their set was, and how well these folks played, I was able to enjoy their music for what it is - folky, catchy, technically-impressive-yet-just-plain-old-fun thrash metal about mythical heroes and other such medieval nonsense. Terrific album.

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