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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
I looked up the "twist" online. It's retarded.
To anyone who is planning on going to see this (which I assume Powerslave wasn't), DO NOT LOOK UP THE TWIST ONLINE!!!

Of course it reads as retarded. I can't say it came off that much better on the screen, but it wasn't as bad as it would be if you read it in advance. To b_halperin I would say that DethMaiden's comment is spot on - the kid is way creepy. That alone might be a decent reason to give the movie a shot.

I would also say that, until the twist, the movie actually had me going pretty good. I was thinking that this was actually better than the dozens of other no-quite-as-good stories about a "bad seed" type of child - but this little girl really took the cake. But that twist - ARGH!

Well, it wasn't the worst thing I've seen this year. Just go into it cautiously and enjoy it for what it is - that would be my recommendation.

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