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But this is a package tour with a two no name bands you shouldn't shorten your set to give time to bands people are probably not gonna care about. Everyone is there to see DT not these other bands play. Even ZPZ doesn't need all that time. If Frank was still alive i could accept it but his son is just cashing in off his dads name and shouldn't be given so much time.

It's not just DT i'm mad at it's all these other bands that are giving 90 minutes or less as a headliner now. Someone needs to step up and tell the promoters "that's not enough our fans deserve more" but until that happens were gonna continue to get these short ass sets from headliners and i for one am damn tired of that. Especially when bands who got the material to play longer and don't do it. I don't even go to as many shows now because of this. If i'm paying top dollar to see a band they better give me more than a 10 song headlining set. I know it's all about money but it's really cheating the fans when artists charge so much for shows and then just give you a short performance and leave. I just see that as a big "Fuck You" to your audience.

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