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Originally Posted by metal01 View Post
I saw the bands from the mainstage and have a complete setlist for each. I may be wrong about Charm city Devils and the placement of one Godsmack song, the enemy.

Charm City Devils
1. House Fire
2. Money
3. True Love (Hell Yeah)
4. Best of The Worst
5. Pour Me
6. Lets Rock N Roll

Don't knock these guys until you see them live, they sound pretty good live, Very energetic and if they produce their second album right they could go much further, otherwise I doubt we will hear about these guys after Cruefest.
Actually Nikki Sixx singned them to his label so they'll get another chance after this. I know these guys and I've told them several times they need to play their best song Burn Baby Burn but since it was written when they were 40 Acres they rarely do. If you like them check out the band they were back in the day, Child's Play. That cd Rat Race is incredible still to this day. The songs My Bottle and Wind are still played on local radio stations and would have been huge if they got the right exposure.

Funny story, Nikki changed the band name from 40 Acres to Charm City Devils even though we have a local band called Charm City Saints. Too funny.
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