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Hey, didn't you used to be Marilyn Manson????

Seriously this guy used to put on incredible shows and give you your money's worth twice over. The last great show I saw him do was at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach and he killed it. Every song was great and people were singing along all night. I told my friends he is truly the Alice Cooper of this generation now.

Um......... NOT!

Now he is the Axl fukkin Rose of this generation. He barks at people backstage, acts like a pompus ass to staff and is a total douche bag playing shit no one wants to hear. He totally disses the fans who have been with him since the Spooky Kids days. I will never watch him again unless he does an Antichrist Superstar tour or something like that. If not, why bother?

Axl Manson... hahahaha
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