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Originally Posted by fonzbear2000 View Post
If Rush can do 3 hour sets, DT surely can!
I agree with that but there but a lot of DT's material is heavier and faster than Rush's so it may tire them out a bit more but if they balance the sets between the fast and slow stuff which DT always does well they shouldn't have a problem. I wouldn't mind it if DT went back to doing 2 hour sets like they did in '07 but where the fuck did this come from that they're only playing like 90 minutes now? You're Dream Theater go out there and do the Marathon sets that you made your name on like Rush does and stop being so damn lazy.

I hate to rip on one of my favorite bands like this but there's no reason for their sets to be so short unless someone in the band can't do it and they're just not saying anything.
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