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The bottom line is that I think Dream Theater (*cough* Portnoy) get too caught up in trying to be different that they forget something. Images and Words and Awake are WORSHIPPED by their fanbase compared to anything else they've done aside from Scenes From a Memory. I actually don't know of many other bands who have such a disproportionate distribution of love of albums among non-die-hard fans. For how many fans love those two records compared to others, the thought of doing ANY shows where they don't play a single song off of either is preposterous. I've always admired how much the band go out of their way to rotate their set lists and make their shows different for the dedicated fans that go out of their own way to catch them as many times as they do. The bottom line is that it's unfair to the more casual fans or the younger fans who haven't been seeing them every tour for 15 years to not play any of their older material because they're "sick of it". As has been mentioned, the band has only been around 20 years and those two albums 17 and 15 years respectively. Compared to some of the other bands who have been churning out the same half-dozen staple songs EVERY show for 30 years, they're doing great. For what Dream Theater tickets cost, it's unfair to the fanbase that isn't obsessed with them to not play some of their best-received material, and have their sets be such a chance on-off thing from night-to-night.
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