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Originally Posted by Altmer7989 View Post
I like TDOE + OLT. I don't think the band can do those 3 hour sets anymore - they could prolly do a good 2h set though. The other reason they ignore awake and I&W is that they are bored shitless playing Metropolis and Pull Me Under. Metropolis is so complex, yet the band could play it in their fucking sleep because they have done that one about a million times. Apart from that, the changing setlists take into account the previous setlists from that area as well other nearby shows for double attendants.

may i add that i want in the name of god live dammit
You can say that they're bored with the stuff off I&W but the album came out in 1992 it's not like they've been playing the songs live for 25 or 30 years like some bands. Priest probably gets bored with BTL but they still do it.Same thing with Maiden and NOTB or Metallica with MOP and don't think that Rush isn't bored as hell with Tom Sawyer but it's been in every set they've played since 1981. I don't buy the whole were bored with I&W. There's just certian albums from bands that need to be represented live and I&W and Awake are the two from DT.

I like TDOE and OLT as well it's just the way the set was made. It just comes off kind of boring to me that's all. When I saw them on the first Gigantour i was lucky enough and surprised to hear In The Name Of God. An excellent tune and was great to hear live.
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