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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I think they had another set this tour where they didn't do any pre SFAM material. Sometimes i wonder exactly what Portnoy is thinking when he makes the sets. Metallica doesn't ignore Puppets and Justice live so why DT ignors I&W and Awake sometimes is beyond me. Plus the keyboard solo is third? Talk about a a mood killer right away. Then Prophets, Dance of Eternity and One Last Time all in a row? Are they purposely trying to bore the crowd to death? They MUST get back to the "evening with Dream Theater" format. That's what their music is made for not these short sets that are over as soon as they begin.
I like TDOE + OLT. I don't think the band can do those 3 hour sets anymore - they could prolly do a good 2h set though. The other reason they ignore awake and I&W is that they are bored shitless playing Metropolis and Pull Me Under. Metropolis is so complex, yet the band could play it in their fucking sleep because they have done that one about a million times. Apart from that, the changing setlists take into account the previous setlists from that area as well other nearby shows for double attendants.

may i add that i want in the name of god live dammit
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