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Originally Posted by JGulino8 View Post
Great show, though the venue looked like a school auditorium. It was at the Ocean City Music Peir.

Don Dokken was in good shape and in a great mood which i believe really sparked this performance. After seeing Dokken many times, this was one of the better shows. Don actually hit most of the high notes and actually tried to sing well, which didnt seem to be the case the last time i saw him up at M3 in May. John did an amazing job with lynch's guitar work as usual and Mick was himself. They had a new bass player, Sean something... couldnt catch his last name. The set was as follows...

Breakin' The Chains
Kiss Of Death
The Hunter
Into The Fire
Dream Warriors
Just Got Lucky
Alone Again
Too High To Fly
Paris Is Burning
Heaven Comes Down
It's Not Love
This Fire
Tooth And Nail
In My Dreams
That's a damn good set!
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