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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Is Zakk too drunk to realise that Stronger Than Death and 1919 Eternal is BLS's best stuff and they need to be represented more in the set?

Originally Posted by King_Cobra_Venom666 View Post
I had gotten there at 'bout a quarter to 3 or something, reason being was I was trying to meet Zakk Wylde, but their van never showed up after like 5 and a half hours so it was complete bullshit IMO.

At about like a quarter after 7, we finally get in, yet my ticket read 7:00 pm which was an indication that's when the show started.
Could have bought the $60 ticket on the last tour or pay the 20 bucks at Ozzfest...

I'm glad I'm not missing anything on this tour.
12/17 Metallica?

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