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Cool Black Label Society -- Toronto, ON -- July 19th, 2009

This was my second time seeing BLS in like 3 Months, Surprisingly Enough, I wasn't expecting them to come back to Toronto so soon, since Zakk and his bandmates are getting older, but still it was a nice surprise to see them back. Only difference with this show was it was 19+, but it was held at the sound academy once again.

I had gotten there at 'bout a quarter to 3 or something, reason being was I was trying to meet Zakk Wylde, but their van never showed up after like 5 and a half hours so it was complete bullshit IMO.

At about like a quarter after 7, we finally get in, yet my ticket read 7:00 pm which was an indication that's when the show started.

So the first band to come out was Cycle of Pain, and these guys were great, it was John "JD" Deservio's side band, this was my 2nd time I had seen a band member have two of his bands on the same bill since Cruefest, when Nikki Sixx had his two bands, Sixx AM and Motley Crue. But, Cycle of Pain were a helluva lot better than Dope. Dope IMO were nothing but a bunch of annoying posers trying too hard to be cool, and they irritated me, So BLS smoked them, no pun intended back in April.

After Cycle of Pain, comes out BLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The siren starts blaring and the Canadian National Anthem comes on and i'm thinking "this is taking me back to the April show".
Black Mass Reverends
Destruction Overdrive
Faith is Blind
The Rose Petalled Garden
Suicide Messiah
Genocidie Junkies
New Religion
The Last Goodbye
Fire it Up (Zakk Wylde Guitar Solo)
Stoned and Drunk
The Blessed Hellride
Concrete Jungle (Zakk Wylde Guitar Solo II)

So this was definetly shades of the April show, except the two songs played at the April show were Damage is Done and In This River. Also, at the start of Black Mass Reverends, a fight broke out in the pit, it was a bunch of people ganging up on this fuckhead wearing a white tank-top, and OH MY GOD HE WAS FUCKING ANNOYING. So at one point during one of BLS' songs, he was trying to fight one of the security guards but got thrown out. Also Zakk invited a half naked chick on stage while he was ripping his first lead, and when she shook her ass, it looked like jelly, hahaha, so I was kind of scared. Then before The Blessed Hellride, Zakk invited another chick on stage, and she announced Zakk's name. So this was a great show to see, and I look forward to seeing BLS for a 3rd time in the future.
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