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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post

My second thought: You are just flat out wrong, bro. Or maybe deaf. Or both.

My third (probably closest to being correct) thought: This album took time for me as well (and I was already a huge Squid fan). Perhaps it will grow on you as it did me. I think it will honestly be in my top five this year (top ten for sure), but I didn't think so at first. Maybe give it a couple more spins before you give up on it...?

I'll put it on a few more times. I mean, I have to, I own it and I need to listen to music every waking moment of my life or I won't be happy. But yeah, right now I kinda feel like "Oh, that just happened" when the album ends. "Throwing a Donner Party at Sea (Physeter Catodon)" would be the highlight, but even that gets stomped all over by the likes of Neonate, Ampullae of Lorenzini, Summit, and Metridium Field, and its furthermore disappointing that they wrote that song before Metridium Field, meaning that the best song on the new record is an old song.
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