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Faith No More -- Prague, CR -- August 17th, 2009

Great review from Faith No More 2.0 on the recent Prague show. Glad to see Digging The Grave resurrected and they're doing a rotation of a few songs now. Hopefully they're gearing up for a US Tour. Interesting write-up below with the highlight for me being the term "arse over tit"

From out of Nowhere
Land of Sunshine
Evidence (with Spanish verse)
Surprise You’re Dead
Last Cup of Sorrow
Chinese Arithmetic (Poker Face intro)
Midlife Crisis
Gentle Art of Making Enemies
King for a Day
Ashes to Ashes
Be Aggressive
Just a Man

Encore 1
Chariots of Fire
Digging the Grave

Encore 2


Videos on You Tube


Hello from the Tesla Arena in Prague. Its warm and its packed. Faith No More 2.0 and Ms Faith No More are sitting (!) to the right of the stage. Joy Division “Isolation” serving as the familar warm-up music.

Firewater take to the stage. Quite like this band after seeing them at Paleo in Switzerland last year. One Roddy Bottum is watching from just in front of us.

Good show from Firewater. Muted response though: the bongos and trumpet not what the FNM fans expected. TV on the Radio on the PA now.

The now familiar opening notes are greeted by a huge ovation.

Mike P in the red suit with subtle shades and cane look.

Its so hot that all bar the inscrutable Jon have shed their jackets.

Very slippery on stage. Patton nearly went arse over tit twice during LoS.

Praha! Everybody ok is Patton’s first spoken words and a big thank you for Firewater.

We get a verse of Evidence in Portuguese.

Big band discussion after SYD and we’re into LCoS. Vertigo!!!

Love the tone of Jon H’s guitar in Easy. And the breakdown in Midlife Crisis is the Russian snippet they have previously played – Timelord (?).
Roddy back and bantering to crowd prior to KFAD.
Mike goes up close and personal with the audience during Just a Man, getting them to sing a long into the mic in Czech.
Mike has just pissed off the whole crowd by saying their football team sucks before Ole Ole on the megaphone…Chariots.
Second encore preceded by Patton: Obviously there’s nothing else happening in Praha tonight. He had went off earlier to “Seriously, Praha: insanem”
3/3 - Hell Yeah
3/31 - Coal Chamber & Filter
5/16 - Clutch & Mastodon

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