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Hatebreed -- Pomona, CA -- August 18th, 2009

What a great fucking show. I'm tired so I'm probably not remembering everything but I'll do my best.

2 hour drive was totally worth it. It was an amazing night of heavy metal.

First band: Toxic Holocaust kicks ass. Amazing modern thrash. I recommend you give them a listen.

Setlist went something like this: (probably not in the correct order)

1. Wild Dogs
2. Gravelord
3. War is Hell
4. 666
5. Nuke the Cross

They might have played 1 or 2 more that I'm forgetting, but that was basically it.

DYING FETUS FUCKING OWNS. Seen 'em 3 times, they never dissapoint. I just love dying fetus.

Setlist was:

1. Homicidal Retribution
2. Your Treachery Will Die With You (New Song)
3. Justifiable Homicide
4. Pissing in the Mainstreem
5. Grotesque Impalement
6. Praise the Lord (Opium of the Masses)

I could have left after them and been happy. But why the fuck would I when Hatebreed and Chimaira are coming up

Winds of Plague is fucking terrible.


Chimaira was tight. i dont know their setlist but i do know that they started with The Venom Inside and went right in to Ressurection, which was awesome. I learned that their name is pronounced CUH-MERA I had always prounounced it CHU-MYRA Some guy got his head bashed in and was rushed to the hospital it was crazy, not to get graphic but there was bloood all over the pit.

Hatebreed is fucking amazing. I don't care what you think. Their music is amazing, lyrics inspiring, and amazing role models, especially Jamey Jasta. I don't know their complete setlist, but these are songs that I'm positive they played:

To the Threshold
Live For This
I Will Be Heard
This Is Now
You're Never Alone
Destroy Everything
Last Breath
Before Dishonor

And off of For The Lions they played:

Thirsty and Miserable (Black Flag)
Ghosts of War (Slayer)

I think that's all of the songs. No complaints about that setlist other than the absence of As Diehard As They Come

I bought a Meet and Greet for after the show. My picture was screwed up, but I still got something signed, and that counts for something. I talked to Jamey. He really is an amazing person and a role model to me. Everything he says is so down to earth and inspiring. I can't wait to see them again.

Hatebreed said they will be back around November with a tour that is not to be missed.

Apparently the lineup is:

Hatebreed/Cannibal Corpse (possibly co-headline? I forgot to ask)
Hate Eternal
There was one other band that I'm forgetting (I'll remember by tomorrow).

I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you're considering going to this show, GO.

You will not be dissapointed. And make sure to buy a meet-n-greet pass if you go.

Thanks for reading,

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