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Bad News at Donington '86:

Tommy Vance (RiP) Introduces Band
Band Arrive On Stage (welcomed by bottles of piss everywhere ... nice!!! )
Fuck Off And Burn
You Are A Shit Audience (piss bottles still reign down on them!!! )
Vampire Spunk Merchants From Hell
Bitch Hell Mother
Warriors Of Ghengis Khan
Bad News (and fuck they were bad news!!! ) (Piss still being thrown at this point!!! )

Band were:

Vim Fuego (aka Alan Metcalfe) - lead vocals and lead guitar
Den Dennis - rhythm guitar
Colin Grigson - bass guitar
Spider Web - drums

Real names were:

Adrian Edmonson as Vim
Nigel Planer as Den
Rik Mayall as Colin
Peter Richardson as Spider

The Young Ones were brilliant ... Bad News were wankers!!!
18/6: I'm Maiden/Alice In Thunderland
Jun: Download
Jul: AC/DC
Aug: Bloodstock
30/8: Metallica
19/9: Skyclad
19/12: Nightwish/Arch Enemy
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