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Monsters Of Rock -- Castle Donington, UK -- August 16th, 1986

WARLOCK (thanks to The Ancient Mariner)

Earthshaker Rock
Shout It Out
Vorwarts Alright
All Night
Love In The Danger Zone
Burning The Witches
True As Steel

BAD NEWS (thanks to The Ancient Mariner)

Tommy Vance (RiP) Introduces Band
Band Arrive On Stage (welcomed by bottles of piss everywhere ... nice!!! )
Fuck Off And Burn
You Are A Shit Audience (piss bottles still reign down on them!!! )
Vampire Spunk Merchants From Hell
Bitch Hell Mother
Warriors Of Ghengis Khan
Bad News (and fuck they were bad news!!! ) (Piss still being thrown at this point!!! )

Band were:

Vim Fuego (aka Alan Metcalfe) - lead vocals and lead guitar
Den Dennis - rhythm guitar
Colin Grigson - bass guitar
Spider Web - drums

Real names were:

Adrian Edmonson as Vim
Nigel Planer as Den
Rik Mayall as Colin
Peter Richardson as Spider


Iron Fist
Stay Clean
Nothing Up My Sleeve
Dr. Rock
Killed By Death
Ace Of Spades
Steal Your Face
Bite The Bullet
Built For Speed
No Class

DEF LEPPARD (first show with Rick Allen v2)

Rock Rock (Till You Drop)
Another Hit & Run
Too Late For Love
Love & Affection
Let It Go
Run Riot
Rock of Ages
Travellin' Band


Coming Home
Bad Boys Running Wild
Loving You Sunday Morning
Make It Real
Big City Nights
Coast To Coast
Still Loving You
Rock You Like A Hurricane
Can't Live Without You
Another Peace Of Meat
The Zoo
Can't Get Enough


Bark At The Moon
Suicide Solution
Never Know Why
Mr. Crowley
Shot In The Dark
I Don't Know
Killer Of Giants
-Jake E. Lee solo-
Thank God For The Bomb
Flying High Again
Secret Loser (with Randy Castillo solo)
Iron Man
Crazy Train

this set was very controversial in the Kerrang letters section for their 80 min set which was shorter than the Scorpions set that preceded him.

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