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Mushroomhead -- Towson, MD -- August 17th, 2009

My 5th day of a 5 day bender and I finished it up with a bang. The crowd was 80% Hed PE fans and after they finished a good chunk of people went to the merch area to meet the band then split. Even though Mushroomhead should have been the opener they really brought it and made a fan out of me. Their best songs were the songs with the 3 drummers. Kudos to Mushroomhead for realizing the crowd was way into Hed PE and allowing them to play a few more songs. Cool crowd, lots of hot chicks. Was hanging with Sue from and think she might be the coolest chick on the planet.

I know the Hed Setlist is right and think Mushroomhead is. I may have missed a MRH song while mingling. Great place to see a show as its an old converted movie theater. Bought my 1st concert shirt in 10+ years. Hed had the best merch I've seen in a while. MRH's merch was pretty lame in comparison but I did like 1 shirt that said something about whores.

Only minor complaint is Jahred could have cut the banter down some and squeezed in Suffa or CBC or both. He was still entertaining though but I've heard it before so I was prodding them to STFU and play a song! hahahaha

Hed PE

Live Or Die Free
Not Ded Yet
Game Over
Peer Pressure X 2
Killing Time
The Truth
Waiting To Die
Garden Grove
Stir It Up
Raise Hell
Lets Ride


Kill Tomorrow
Before I Die
These Bloody Hands
Damage Done
Simple Survival
Save Us
Solitaire Unraveling
Sun Doesn't Rise
Empty Spaces
Born of Desire
6/2 - Hatebreed & Devildriver
6/11 - Thrill Kill Kult
8/3 - Deftones
8/14 - Bush & Chevelle

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