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I Agree

Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Hey bro, there's a key on you pad that says "Caps Lock" make sure that's off next time you post unless for whatever reason you're trying to be forcefull with your point. I know that with Sabbath 90 mins has always been the standard set time. If you cut out the needless drum solo and the pointless 10 minute jam in the middle of HNH then you can get 3 more songs that's what my complaints are really about. Plus this maybe the last time this lineup plays together so why not go all out and play longer because they may not get the opportunity to play these songs together ever again.

Also, 90 minutes wasn't always the standard for live shows. I'm 31 and I remember when i first started going to shows in the early 90's it was standard for a rock or metal band to give you at least something close to the 2 hour range. I don't know why in recent years 90 mins or less has become the standard for a headline act but it's giving the fans less of a show and charging them more money for it and it sucks because fans deserve more when they go to see someone who's got the material to play longer and don't do it.
I spaced that the caps lock was on. I agree I have been going to concerts about the same amount of time and the shows are getting shorter and a lot more expensive. It sucks but we still buy tickets and go to these shows to rock out. Thankful for Rush and Dream Theatre for extended sets. C n C are lot like a B rated version of Dream Theatre.
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