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Yeah, this is probably the most heavy thing I've heard since Rwake's Voices of Omens a couple years back. If you've heard either, you know what kind of heavy I mean. My favorite tracks are "Gin", "Arsonry", and "A Starved Horror", but every damn note on the album is perfect. This will probably claw its way to album of the year for me, and I recommend it to anyone needing a headfuck.

Addendum: Those lyrics! They're fucking insane, and I mean that literally. It's already a terrifying, dark, grim, drug-induced album, but most of the lyrics are about fucking: not love, or even sex which is based in love, but in hateful crazy weird fucking. Tripped out, and I haven't even started to unearth all the levels of meaning. I hope when he finishes his tour in Iraq he does a tour of the U.S.
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