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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden View Post
don't get me wrong, these guys are all metal icons, but no way in hell I would go see 'em with such a short set, it's a joke really, it's even a shitty set considering that SOTSC is dropped from previous shows they did, plus they are even able to put a drum solo in there : ridiculous, that's why people are not going if you ask me...

Cheers !
If they were playing my town I would go just to hear the new stuff but i'm not traveling anywhere to see it. It's just too short. I saw them in 07 and it was fantastic but last year they came here(without Priest BTW) and i passed because they dropped Computer God and Southern Cross and just added Time Machine in it's place. I have no problem with the song I just felt I was getting less and I passed. It's Iommi's call with the set though. I know if Dio had a say the set would be more adventurous. Dio always plays the standard stuff solo but he always busts out some rare stuff from his solo career and even Rainbow stuff. Dio's last solo tour he was doing about 18 songs I think so I know that the short set isn't his fault.
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