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There's been some talk of this on the Sabbath message boards. There are venue's in the US that aren't selling too well. I think it's becasue HNH has toured 2 summers in a row before this and people have already seen them and don't really care to now. Not too many acts tour North America three summers in a row. Also the short and limitted set plays into it with the exception of the 3 new songs(they need to play a few more off TDYK if you ask me) the set is the same. I know they wanna make room for the new songs but dropping songs like the all mighty Computer God and Sign Of The Southern Cross are a big NO in my book. I know with Sab/HNH their shows are always about the quality of what they play not the quanity but believe it or not their are a decent ammount of fans who aren't seeing them this tour just becasue the set is rather short and limitted song wise. When the dedicated fans are turned off by that and won't attend shows the band really needs to change something up. Plus their is no promotion at all for the album anywhere and that really isn't the bands fault but they probably shouldn't have signed with Rhino records to release TDYK.

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