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Ratt -- Hampton Beach, NH -- August 7th, 2009

Venue: Casino Ballroom

This was their last show together of the tour and quite the show.

Long drive for myself and the group that went so we timed it so we ate durting the third opening band, Swirl (?)

Extreme came on second and played almost the same set as the other shows but because they were "closer to home (Boston)" we got some extra stuff!

Gary Cherone is such a definition of a frontman and I think they were better than when I had seen them before in the past.

Decadence Dance
Its a Monster
Star (new album)
Rest In Peace
Am I Ever Gonna Change
Play With Me
More Than Words
Cupid's Dead
Take Us Alive (new album)
Kid Ego (not the full thing but like 2/3)
Little Girls (about half of it)
Hole Hearted
Nuno and Pat did the same tricks they have been doing in other shows fooling around before going into GTFO
Get The Funk Out
Wanna Be Starting Something

Tell The World
I Want A Woman
Nobody Rides For Free
Lay It Down
You're In Love
You Think Youre Tough
Way Cool Jr.
Walk the Dog (with Nuno, they invited Gary too but he was MIA. Most people in the crowd were excited because where its an older crowd, close to Boston etc, they were thinking the Aerosmith connection but always thought Ratt was covering the original on their Demo not the Aero one but was a great part of the set. They were drinking Patron together to celebrate the end of the tour together)
Body Talk
Wanted Man
You're In Trouble
In Your Direction
She Wants Money
Lack Of Communication
Back For More
The Morning After
I'm Insane
Scene Of The Crime
Round And Round

Some shows had some time restraints and some of these songs were cut from other sets (tough, rides for free, body talk) but they played all of that plus adding in walk the dog. Such a great show!! Bobby's son played drums on one song but forget exactly which one.

While Extreme put on a tremendous show as well, I was there to see Ratt having never seen them before and I think they definetly topped Extreme.

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