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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Wow, not trying to be a dick but that's kinda sad if those 3 were the best show you've ever seen. I have Chimaira so far over the other 2 live it isn't even funny. Last time I saw Disturbed they played 3 songs in a row that had the same exact tempo, just different lyrics. At this point they're 1 step up from Staind to me. I have 2 words for Disturbed... Divine Heresy.

There are more time changes in the 1st song on the new Divine Heresy than the entire last Disturbed cd.
Well pick three of your favorite bands and put them in one show and thats how I view this. Not that those three are exactly my top 3 favorites ever, Im just a big fan of all 3, and all of them killed it at the show I saw. Iv seen alot of shows and some other amazing performances Iv seen are In Flames,Lamb Of God,Sevendust,Slipknot,Incubus,Godsmack,Children Of Bodom,All That Remains,and most recently Slayer, I thought all those bands were amazing live. I strongly disagree with you on the part of disturbed but every one has their own opinions I guess. Divine Heresy is a really good live band as well
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