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Originally Posted by brandon1160 View Post
dude... trust me i never really got into trivium until that night. trivium was the shit. they put on a better show than they did at mayhem. but yeah, its opinion i guess. coheed was definitely atrocious... i thought that god forsaking set would never end! also, idk if you have seen chimaira before but you will not be dissappointed. i saw them earlier this year with kse and they sounded great (but they didn't play nothing remains though ). it was a sick show.
ya actually this will be my 4th time seeing chimaira, two of the most memorable shows iv seen included them. I saw them with all that remains, and divine heresy, and then again at the music as a weapon tour witch I think is the best combo of bands iv ever seen(Disturbed,KSE,Chimaira)
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