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Originally Posted by pantera1115 View Post
I was at the mansfield show and slayer was really good, but not perfect they had minor sound problems for all of 30 seconds, and most of the crowd rushed to the seats to get closer, so there wasnt much moshing. I agree with what your saying while I thought slayer was sick(good enough for me to get a shirt) they were not the best band(on that day) I thought trivium, and ATR were perfect, so was CC but im not a big fan. I also relize that seeing a band for 45 min at mayhem isnt the same as 2 hours on a headlining show in an arena, or club, I saw slipknot at mayhem last year and they were sick, but nothing compares to the all hope is gone tour I saw at the tsongas arena. I was blown away and I think slayer would be much better on a show like that
dude, trivium is sick live. i was at the tsongas arena for the all hope is gone tour as well, trivium stole the show in my opinion.
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