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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Did you ever think it's possible that the way Slayer performed that night isn't exactly how they perform every night? Every band is bound to have a few off days during tours. It happens to everyone before turining on a band because they had a shitty show you should first think that maybe it was just an off day for them that's all. Don't take it personel if a band plays a bad show when you go see them. Sometimes it's just not a bands night and that may have been the case at your show.
i agree with you 100%... i never said that i turned on them. i am just judging them on that day. i was looking foward to seeing them and they dissapoineted me but if i see slayer again, i will watch their performance with an open mind. i just don't think its fair that other bands get shit when they do good just cuz of who they are and slayer gets a free pass for sucking. but like i said... slayer is a good band and i was wrong for implying that they suck performing all the time, but that night was definitely shitty. i'm not gonna praise a band for a shitty job just cuz of seniority.
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