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Originally Posted by brandon1160 View Post
then why was the crowd dead? .... oh yeah CUZ THEY SUCK!!!
Your retarted, Slayer were nowhere near suckage. Adam D. acts like a tool on stage, and sure he has some moments of seriousness, but overall he's a douche. There's no law that says you can't have fun on stage but to make yourself look like an idiot is just foolish. And the crowd could have been dead for a multitude of reasons. They were one of the last bands that night, could have been tired. Or the simple fact that the crowd sucked. I've seen it plenty of times, even when they have no excuse to be tired. Plain and simple, the crowd just sucked. Not Slayer's fault at all.

Slayer >>>>> Bullet in every manner and way. As I said before, you must have been crack full of speedballs or you think that the crowd interaction/crowd itself determines the performace.
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