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I came in right at Rose of Sharyn which is a great song and watched the Wall of death. I think I was still in Behemoth mode and listening to the next few songs was just mind numbing boring. Yes I was totally wasted but The new song, my curse, Heartache (which I love on cd) just didn't translate well live. I knew Holy Diver was next and would rather have my spleen pulled out than sit through that so I went and grabbed a Rockstar and beer to get ready for Slayer.

I've seen Killswitch live 3 times now and they're just not a good live band to me. I'll still buy their cd's and if they had been the 1st band I heard I may have liked them more. It's like trying to listen to Manson after Slayer almost. I don't hate Manson but I know I would have been bored so it was better to leave and get a jump on the rest of the night.
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