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I have no idea what you're talking about. Just trying to give a different perspective. I actually posted a ton of more great pics but it only lets you post 14 pics which sucks. I have 30 great Behemoth shots and had to delete them blindly so if I'm in most of the pics it was more by accident. Sorry if you're an emo fag and hate yourself. If I get a chance I'll post some more Behemoth shots. I was point blank when Nergal would come back to change guitars and shit. He was drinking the red Rockstar shit too. I also got some great video of Inferno and his incredible feet. I befriended the Hot Topic stage manager early on and he let me roam around anywhere I pleased all day. Very cool dude.

I was pissed I missed the Kerry King signing as we were all in chick mode at that time. Some dude came up to me in the merch tent and talked about the KFK shirt and was cool as hell. Some older dude actually offered me $50 for the shirt which in hindsight I probably should have done.

I got in trouble for handing our free shot glasses to underage people but who fukkin cares. The Jager shot glasses with Beyond The Scar on them were cool as shit and probably one of the coolest free things being given out that day. I started asking people toward the end and if they said they were 21, it was their lucky day. hahaha
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