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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Well it ain't looking good. I just got back from Chicago, and I have a hell of a day in front of me at work tomorrow. I have been getting way too little sleep since last Thursday or so, and I have a meeting on Wednesday morning that I have to run (read: can't get back home in the middle of the night tomorrow and function the way I have to on Wednesday). Plus, the "boss" (a.k.a. wife) thinks I have been burning the candle at both ends this past weekend, and she's right. So long story short, it's not gonna happen.


I will get down to see you guys soon...I promise. I hope you and DethMaiden have a blast at this show, and I'll give you a suggestion that will absolutely blow Giant Squid's mind. Go up to them and talk to them - they are as approachable as all get-out (per my comments above) - and somewhere during the conversation, be sure to tell them that Chris from Cleveland, the guy who met them at the Chicago show the other night, says "hello". I guarantee whoever you are talking to will at least smile, if not laugh out loud. They'll wonder how in the hell you "know" me. It'll be a hoot.

Anyway, have a blast. These guys and girls are going to melt your fucking face off.

Right on brother. I think that Overmars/Battlefields show on the 22nd has your name on it, for sure.
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