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Mayhem Fest -- Camden, NJ -- August 7th, 2009

Well my review is going to be different from the others. I'll touch on a few setlists but I'll try to give you guys a taste of the backstage experience. There was so much cool shit going on that I just mingled from area to area and had the time of my life.

It started at 7:am when our boy Himmer picked me and Beyond The Scar up in a brand new Cadillac Escalade to cart us to the show. We were there by 10am and started pregaming instantly. Soundcheck was at 10:30 and only the 1st bands get a soundcheck so they're basically soundchecking for all the side stage bands. My boys tore up a 5 song set while I manned the merch tent and tried not to keep hitting on the Behemoth merch tent girl.

Beyond The Scar

Means to an end
The Mirror Reflects
Reap what you sow

Yes they're cd is called Ruination and it came out a year before Blowjob for a Cowboy. Here is the BTS victory shot:

After they finished up I told the merch girl I'd see her backstage for Behemoth and I went back to drink some free beer. The coolest part of the day is we could carry our beer into the pavallion so I didn't spend any money until the main stage and got oblitterated. Here we are chilling after setting up the merch tent:

Here is the Behemoth merch girl and their gear backstage:

I watched some of God Forbid with Bam Margera and ventured over to the Metal Mulisha area with him:

Heading back I ran into GWAR who were there for a signing:

After pounding 15-20 beers and killing a bottle of Jager it was time to check out Behemoth. By far the highlight of the side stages. They played I got Erection also:

Trivium Killed it. Like them or not they sounded great that day and were the best Jager band with the coolest response.

After that I noticed all the girls heading backstage. As much as I wanted to check out Cannibal Corpse I had pussy on the brain and CC must be chick repellant because backstage became a total chick fest. I ventured around, grabbed a few beers and everything else was a blur until Killswitch.

Missed Bullet for my Valentine totally and caught Killswitch. Wish I hadn't. I like Killswitch but they were boring as fuck live. I was on the verge of passing out when I decided to drink more Red Rockstar (which i highly recommend) and get my 17th wind.

It was time for Slayer and I went fukkin apeshit the entire set. By far the highlight of the night and the sound was amazing

We skipped Manson and hit a few strip clubs. The 1st one was total hotties in bikinis but we got free shows back in the corner. The 2nd club was naked but lame. It stayed open until 4:am which is the only reason we went there. Great end to a great night. All hail Joysey!
3/3 - Hell Yeah
3/31 - Coal Chamber & Filter
5/16 - Clutch & Mastodon

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