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Rockstar Mayhem Festival -- Hartford, CT -- August 8th, 2009

This was one of my most anticipated shows for about 5 months, and I could not believe that the moment had finally come. Me and a large group of people met up at 6:30 in the morning to drive all the way up to Conneticut, having a crazy great time (my car got tremendously lost in Hartford and ended up taking a tour of the whole fucking city ). Once we checked in at the hotel we went to the parking lot to find it was closed, so my car went to wait in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot while my other friends went and tailgated at a legit paring lot for $20. After about an hour and a half or so, the parking lot opened up so we parked there and did some tailgating of our own. Once the gates opened, it was just a really chill environment. One of the biggest surprises this year was how good the Rockstar drinks actually were (because last year, IMO they sucked ass!). They saved me this year, and they were a great energy boost in between bands. Now for the show!

1. Slaves Shall Serve
2. At The Left Hand Ov God
3. Conquer All
4. Demigod
5. Ov Fire and the Void
6. Chant For Ezkaton 2000

These guys were the first band of interest for me, and this was my first time seeing them. I made my way up to the "2nd row" of the barricade, and that was totally worth it. Let me say, they were fucking brutal and epic as expected. They just commanded the fucking stage, and they gave no bullshit. I seriously sometimes believe Nergal is the manifestation of Satan in a man, and he just tears it up. Orion, Seth and Inferno were amazing as well. I didn't care too much that they didn't play "I Got Erection". And to wuote mankvill, I now most definately agree that "Chant For Ezkaton" is one of the best closers ever. Period. I got blood spit on my face by Nergal during the song and I just went apeshit! All in all, they were outstanding. A definite staple of the day. In between Behemoth and Trivium were a buttload of signings, and I managed to get some with Cannibal Corpse, Trivium, and Behemoth themselves. Cannibal were very chill guys, especially Alex Webster. I called him the Steve Harris of death metal and he just said "No..." very modestly and I laughed and told him not to be modest . Trivium were nice as well, and Behemoth seemed cool too, just a bit tired and exhausted (rightfully, they practically just finished playing their set). Next were Trivium!

1. Rain
2. When All Light Dies
3. Down From The Sky
4. Throes Of Perdition
5. Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr

Trivium were very good, the best time I've seen them hands down. The new songs transfered very well live, and they were the highlight of the set for me. Nothing really to describe except a nice rowdy crowd and very tight performances. I had managed to get close to the "4th row" of the barricade, and I left after "Throes Of Perdition" to get a solid barricade spot for the Corpse. And I managed to get it as well

Cannibal Corpse
1. Evisceration Plague
2. The Time To Kill Is Now
3. I Cum Blood
4. Sentenced To Burn
5. Make Them Suffer
6. Priests Of Sodom
7. Hammer Smashed Face
8. Stripped, Raped, And Strangled

These guys came on immediatly after Trivium ended, and they just beasted the stage. Until Slayer came on, they were the best band that day. Of no offense to the other two that I had interest in, but they just didn't stop! Pummeling riff after pummeling riff, Corpsegrinder headbanged his ass off and screamed his guts out, the brutality was insane! From the slow heaviness of the "Evisceration Plague" to the speed and punch of "Hammer Smashed Face", they just showed all the guys who the kings of death metal were and are . And I have found another song that's on the list of "Epic Closing Songs". Easily, "Stripped, Raped, And Strangled". You have not experienced brutality until you've heard that song. End. After the Corpse I went into the pit area for Bullet (whom blew ass) and Killswitch (who bored me). Only reason I tolerated them was to try and get barricade for Slayer (that was my one wish for the show). And crazy enough, whatever Metal Gods may be, I did get barricade, and I fucking went nuts when Slayer hit the stage.

1. Darkness Of Christ/Disciple
2. War Ensemble
3. Jihad
4. Psychopathy Red
5. Born Of Fire
6. Mandatory Suicide
7. Chemical Warfare
8. Ghosts of War
9. Dead Skin Mask
10. Hell Awaits
11. Angel Of Death
12. South Of Heaven
13. Raining Blood

I don't even know where to start for these guys. Besides the epic win of getting barricade for the almighty Slayer, I don't think I've ever put as much energy into one single band than for them. I sang to every word at the top of my lungs and headbanged anytime I could. At least I was representing because the barricade crowd sucked, they just sat there and watched. It's like come one, it's fucking Slayer! And to top that some stupid drunk guy kept on fucking pushing and trying to get barricade, but thankfully my headbanging got him off a lot . Anyway, Slayer were great. Absolutely great. Stole the title of the best band of the day for me. The Corpse came very close, but they was just too good. Only minor complaint was that Jeff's guitar was too low, but that could've been because I was on Kerry's side. Araya looked at me from time to time because of how active I was (or at least I hope he was, I hope I wasn't just getting illusions of grandeur )and it made me feel awesome . I can't even begin to pick highlights, every song was just amazing. Once Slayer was done, I left barricade and hung out with some of the group in the lawn for Manson. He was so terrible it made me laugh, legit. He depends on theatrics so much, and he is just so unprofessional. And finally, his voice sounds like he's choking on a hairy chode. After he finished his atrocious set, we went back to the hotel and stayed up til 3 A.M. talking about relationships, movie ideas, shoes in microwaves, etc. A fantastic day, up there in the top 3 of best shows I've ever been to (probably nothing will ever top the Somewhere Back In Time tour ). Definately up there though, no question. And that concludes Day 1 of my metal journey. More to come
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