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Okay, maybe I'm missing something, but does it seem that these video game franchises keep shitting out annual games that don't change very much from the previous one? I mean, I'll give two examples.

Guitar Hero and Rock Band: Each new game has a few new features, but for the most parts its just different songs and visual things. Nothing about the game has changed. I mean, if you really like how Guitar Hero plays, but want to try to play a new long list of songs that the corporation picked for you, go for it. But after playing the first two installations, I really have no interest in playing (or at least buying) the next one if nothing has really changed. This is the weakest example I have to support my complaint, so lets try sports game.

Like someone said before, do they just update the roster and throw one or two new features on? I mean, why not wait a few years and build up a dozen new features, then you can justify 60 bucks for the game. But considering I can't tell the players apart without their names and numbers on the jersey, I don't really think updated rosters really matter. One of the biggest shams was NFL HeadCoach. I mean, cool concept I guess, but why not put that as a feature of Madden or NCAA?

I guess hindsight is 20/20, but I don't like the idea that once you buy a 2009 game, the 2008 game is so similar, but just different enough to not be fun to go back to. The Tony Hawk games are a little better because they weren't shat out every single year, with very tiny changes in each. Why not hold off on Madden for a few years, build a truly 'different' game, then release to the rabid masses. Make more money, make a better game.

[/bored, tired rant]
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