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Dream Theater -- New York, NY -- August 9th 2009

Dream Theater

1. A Nightmare To Remember
2. A Rite Of Passage
3. Hollow Years
4. Prophets Of War
5. The Dance Of Eternity
6. One Last Time
7. The Count Of Tuscany
8. Metropolis (Part 1)

Where to begin? After a crazy Mayhem day yesterday, I drove back from Hartford, Conneticut early this morning and arrived home at 4 P.M. I had about 1 hour of rest before I went on the train with my friends to the city to the Beacon, and we walked about 40 blocks to get to the Beacon Theatre. A friend of ours had to bail due to a family accident, and my prayers lie with him, but we had to sell his ticket. Unfortunately no one needed one at the time we arrived, so I sold it to a scalper for $15 (pretty bad for an original $50 ticket, but my friend will cover the difference). After that drama me and my friends went to a deli to eat, in which we apparently blatantly passed Russell Allen . I will never forgive myself, but next time I will be sure to make up for that mistake! Anyway, we got there 40 minutes before Dream Theater went on, so we missed Zappa Plays Zappa and Bigelf and the other band, and it was a shame because I was at least interested in seeing them, let alone hearing them. Oh well, maybe some other time. When we got in the venue, it was great to see that it was very flashy and fancy looking, and the seats were great and it felt like I was watching a Broadway. This was my first time seeing Dream Theater, and I was anticipating it a lot, and I could not have enjoyed it more. A very strong performance, mastery of their instruments, and the sound and energy for sch a sophisticated theatre was outstanding. From the opening riff of "A Nightmare To Remember" til the duel in "Metropolis (Part 1)" it was just simply fabulous. Petrucci's tone is like sex, and Portnoy is just beast to watch him play. I even thought that LaBrie did a fine job this time around, and I was expecting a sub-par performance. Highlights definately included "A Nightmare...", "A Rite of Passage", "The Dance Of Eternity", and "Metropolis (Part 1)". Can't forget the epic that is "The Count Of Tuscany" either . Something I found amusing to me as well was that I read on some thread here recently that sitting down was stupid and all, etc. I very much agree with that, and that issue came up today. Soon as Dream Theater hit the stage I stood up and was planning on it for their whole set, but right after "A Nightmare..." some guy motioned me to sit down, and I regret listening to him . It's a fucking heavy metal show! Grow some hair and thrash about! Whatever, I was as active as I could in my seat, and I stood up during all of Metropolis anyway . In the sort of same field, when I was headbanging during "A Rite Of Passage", this crazy bitch below me started to headband stupidly, obviously mocking me because I was one of the only ones headbanging in that section, let alone the balcony area. I can't stand it when people bitch over it and just watch. You didn't pay to just listen and see, at least in my opinion. Be active! So fuck those assholes, at a metal show I go all out, sitting down or not . Regardless, overall amazing show, great time, will see them again any other day. That concludes Day 2 of my metal journey. Day 3 comes Tuesday
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