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Originally Posted by Wrathchild_84 View Post
Well let me start off by saying that the Disturbed that I like is a different band all together

1) Comatose
2) Kill 'Em
3) Bent Out Of Shape
4) Brain Deth
5) Bought & Sold
6) Die, Die, Die
7) Productive Intercourse Serial Killer
8) Whose God?
9) Don't Expect Any Miracles
10) Tear It Apart
11) Evil Sensations
12) Astronmickally
13) What the Fuck!?
14) Voice of Insanity
15) Consequence of Ignorance
16) Absorbed
17) Burden to Society
18) (Welcome to the) Holocaust
are they hard to find

I know who you're talking about I didn't find that their was another band called disturbed until recently. There is also another band called Slipknot but they disbanded in the early 90's i think

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