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I am so jakked up for Camden tomorrow. If you're going, get there early to check out my boys Beyond The Scar. The drummer Chris Pernia is also in Pessimist is is an absolute monster. The side stages are going to be like a drum clinic with so many great drummers playing the same day. Speaking of which Corey Pierce from God Forbid is one of the coolest guys in music and a total class act. You gotta respect someone with that much talent who will stop and talk with anyone like he knows them.

I highly recommend picking up Stemm's cd Blood Scent. I ordered it off their myspace page and it came with a kick ass dvd. The song House of Cards was one of my favorite songs released in 2008. These guys are the UFC house band and they always put on a good show and can party with the best of em. Very cool and very down to earth.

Soundcheck at 10:am and party at 2:pm. It's ON!
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