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Well here is what i thought of the Mayhem Festival this year. I am going to start off by saying it was throughly enjoyable and an awesome show and for sure will the show of the year. Almost every band came out and kicked ass except for a couple [I will get to that later].

Whitechapel's bus broke drown so sadly they werent there. I am a fan of theirs and i was a little bit sad to have them not play but thankfully i already seen them before.

The Jager band STEMM was up first they were pretty decent. Good start to the show seemed to crowd pretty pumped up early on. I dont know their material so thats why there is not set in my first posting. Funny story when i was leaving near the end of Manson's set i saw the guitarist who was trashed pissing in the woods [there were porta-a-potties but apparently he didnt want to use them.

Score 6.5/10

Behemoth was up next. This is a band i wasnt really a fan of but i severly respect them as musicians. Lets just i might need to reasses by opinion after the show they put on. They were fucking fantastic. Nergal had a hell of a stage presence and was pretty much the commander of the blackened death metal army known as Behemoth. A really pleasant surprise that turned out to be one of the best bands of the day.
Score 9/10

God Forbid was up next. Great set as usual from them. They are always are all over the place and know how to work crowd very well. Byron as usual was funny and entertaining and a great frontman, Blistering solos that translated perfect live. Really damn good.

Score 8.5/10

The Black Dahlia Murder was up after that. Being one of my favorite bands around right now i was really excited to see them again. They were 100 times better than the first i saw them. They were completely brillant. The pits were going crazy during their set and as usual Trevor encourged circle pits and headbanging. This band is the real fucking deal not just some scene band. A pretty much flawless performance by BDM.

Score 9.5/10

All That Remains was next. I am pretty big fan of theres and have been wanting to see them for a good deal of time now. It was homecoming show for them as well and they did not disapoint. Phil's vocals were good Oil and Mike's guitar work was great. A solid set from a very solid band.

Score 8/10

Job For A Cowboy was up next. I watched them from the line to meet Black Dahlia Murder. I could hear them perfect. This is another band that gets a lot of shit. Mainly because of their bree bree slam slam riff Doom days. I didnt think this band was that great till Ruination came out, The album is kick ass. Anyways back on topic they were good live i few of my friends thought were fantastic. I wont go with that high praise but they where quite good.

Score 8/10

Trivium hit the stage after that. All i can is ugh this band sucks. I went with an open mind and they just really blew. Heafy's vocals are even worse live he is also a complete douche who thinks he thinks he is a tough guy. They were well recived by the crowd for the most part but i just didnt think they were good at all.

Score 2.5/10

The legends themselves hit the stage after that Cannibal Corpse. They were pretty damn good. Not quite as good as i had anticipated but they were good.My friend got fucked up in the pits during Make Them Suffer so i walked away from their set after that happened kind of sucks good thing is that you could hear throughout the venue.

Score 8/10

It was off to the main stage after for Bullet For My Valentine. I think these are pretty decent on disc i am not a huge fan but i dont think there bad at all. They were pretty good live. The singer had a hysterical british accent. Pretty good show and not a bad opening to the main stage.

Score 7/10

Besides Slayer Killswitch Engage was my fave band of the day going in. In short they did not disappoint. They were fantastic. A flawless set by them Great Vocals,Great musicanship,Hillarious Banter. Very entertaining and musically flawless. KSE is awesome.

Score 10/10

Slayer was up next. Being as young as i am i wasnt alive during Slayer's glory days and i had sadly never seen them live. They were two instances where i was dying to see them where i had not been able to [Unholy Alliance 06 and the co-headliner with Manson]. Finally i got to see them and they were fucking awesome. Best show of the night for sure. Every song was great. The only flaw is that there were some sound problems during Ghosts of War but thats was the only slight problem. I cant wait to see them again they were astonishing

Score 10/10

I made the mistake of staying for Manson. If you are on the fence about staying for Manson DON'T. He was awful. I had been told he put on great show I always thought his music was ok but after his performance i am not sure if i could ever listen to his music again. He is a strung out mess i dont think he will ever me playing Mayhem Fest again after this fucking abonation of a performance.

Score 2/10

So here is the final ranking of the bands for me from best to worst

2.Killswitch Engage
3.The Black Dahlia Murder
5.God Forbid
6.All That Remains
7.Cannibal Corpse
8.Job For A Cowboy
9.Bullet For My Valentine
Liked All Of The Above hated the other two
12.Marliyn Manson
1/7 August Burns Red/Protest the Hero
2/19 Tove Lo
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