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Originally Posted by pollyizz View Post
6 or 7 great albums and you get a show with 8 songs as the setlist? Yes, I realize Dream Theater plays long songs, it's not about the hits,there are 3 support acts, blah blah blah. But if that were me at that show and that is the setlist i saw I probably would have ran out of the venue and set the Dream theater bus on fire out of sheer anger and frustration.
I understand how you feel about that. When I saw them 2 years ago they played 2 hours still. They're set times are kinda screwed up. I checked on their web page and their set time at most of the venues has got them starting at 9:20. If they're playing a place who's curfew is like 11 or 1130 then that would explain the short time. In Europe right before this they were playing 2 hours maybe it's just the set times for this tour that's messing the length up. As much as i love them they also kinda do it to themselves by having so many long songs. It can really paint them into a corner live a lot of the time.
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