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Originally Posted by SilentSoldier144 View Post
You're from Buffalo, we don't care what you think. Went to a DF concert up there, everyone was standing there like "Hey, this is nice." And I'm the only one banging my head and singing along. Learn to live, losers.
Well, i'm from Buffalo and I have been to plenty of shows that people were into like crazy. Did you ever think that the reason why people were just standing there for Dragonforce is becasue they're one of those bands that's kinda lame and doesn't really invoke a crazy reaction from the crowd? I don't mind some of their stuff put they don't exactly get the metal fury raging up inside me. Don't pass judement on a certian city just becasue of one bad concert crowd.

As for the whole stand up/sit down thing at concerts you gotta stand up. I consider it disrespectful to a band if you just sit there and if you're a person who can't stand up for a long time then you should just avoid concerts becasue 99 percent of the time people are gonna stand

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