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Originally Posted by snowdog2112 View Post
What does everyone have to stand and jump around like a bunch of monkeys
Some people cant stand for long periods of time. Maybe people are there to listen and see the band.To each his own and if people are sitting by me and one asshole has to stand dam right I am gonna tell him to sit his ass down.
Nice contradiction. 1st you're telling people to sit down and stop acting like monkeys and now you're letting them be because they paid. Thanks for making my original point for me. It's all good Bro.

I don't have a problem with people sitting during songs or doing whatever just don't try to tell me to sit that's all. My buddy just saw Dream Theater and said the whole place was sitting down and MANY people were being told to sit. Normally the wanna-be musicians just stand there with their arms crossed and critique every solo or drum fill but at this place my buddy stood up to jam out and was barraged by these posers. Then they boo the band because they don't play Pull Me Under or Metropolis. Classic. As if I need another reason never to see Dream Theater again...
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