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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Actually ATR aren't hateful they're just playing a shit setlist. If I had to list their 10 best songs they're only playing 2 of them.

Definitely give us a review of the Alice in Chains show when you go. I'm having trouble squeezing them into my schedule but if I see Junkhead, Got Me Wrong, Sludge Factory and/or Sickman being played I'll go regardless.
Will do.

Regarding ATR, I get what you're saying. When I first saw who was on the bill for the festival, I was only excited for 4 bands. The others I just wasn't into. But before going I said to myself that I should try to enjoy each band to make it a better day overall. I had heard bad things about a lot of the bands, but I thought I would just decide for myself. Trivium, ATR, God Forbid, Whitechapel, Job for a Cowboy were the bands I heard mixed reviews of and hadn't really listened to. ATR was the only band that I didn't enjoy watching. I guess their weak setlist just left a bad impression on me. Oh well, awesome festival overall...
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