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Originally Posted by leglessmoof View Post
When I saw them in Philly last week they played Metropolis Pt. 1 (from I&W), Erotomania and Vocies (from Awake). LaBrie can handle the older stuff fine, as far as I can tell. Anyway Portnoy is the one who makes the setlists. Last year in Boston they played Erotomania and Voices, and Metropolis Pt. 1 as part of the encore medley, which is probably why they skipped those songs this year. Whereas they did not play at all in Philly last year.
That's good to know about Lebrie's voice. He sounded fine when I saw them last tour just wasn't sure if his voice was OK this time around or not. I forgot that Portnoy makes the sets and keeps them so he can see what songs they did last time they played the city so they can do something different the next time. More bands should do stuff like that.
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