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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
You're a douche bag. Seriously. If you want to sit, but a dvd and stay your ass home. I'll drop a fool before I'll sit down like a sheep. How can anyone listen to Journey and sit down? Why bother? What a stupid thing to say.

I had some needledick bugfucker tell me to sit at a Tool show. His vag leaked all the way to an usher who said I was blocking his view. I told the usher this is a concert not an opera or ballet and he agreed with me and told the sword swallower to STFU!
Cool story

Having seats for rock and metal shows is lame. I don't blame the people for buying seats, I blame the organisers to hold shows in such places. In my opinion it should be front GA and back GA. Thats it thank you very much. No need for seats. I know what people would say to this. 'But oh we never actually sit. We stand the whole time', which makes it even lamer to have seats. They take up a lot of space and most of the people don't even use them. You can double the capacity by removing those seats.
For example, the crowd setting for an AC/DC show should always be like the one in Madrid on the No Bull DVD. NOT like the one at the LA Forum last December

BTW I'm not a journey fan but I checked this thread because my friend Robert went to this show (he's the one who started this thread).
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