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Queensryche setlist

Here's the set Queensryche played. I didn't see much reporting on them so far.

* Neue Regel
* The Whisper
* Screaming in Digital
* Walk in The Shadows
* new song
* new song
* A Dead Man's Words
* Home Again (with Geoff's daughter)
* Best I can
* Empire

I was not familiar with the new songs, as this was the second time I've heard them, but the tracks off of Rage... were great, IMO!

What was up with Geoff wearing dress slacks and shoes?
(This was the first full Queensryche set I've seen, I caught 2 songs when they toured with Priest a few years ago)

I enjoyed Queensryche, thought Zappa was boring yet technically proficient i.e. Yngwie Malmsteen Syndrome (I think I need to be a musician to appreciate them or something), but Dream Theater obviously took the cake.
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