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Are you sure Bigelf didn't play another song in between "Blackball" and "Disappear"? I'll take your word for it if you say they didn't, but for some reason I thought there was another song in there.

Zappa's set included The Purple Lagoon, Dirty Love, Pygmy Twylyte, Don't Eat The Yellow Snow, and Bamboozled By Love. That's only a small portion of their setlist but it's all that I recognized. I think Inca Roads might have been in there too but I can't say for sure.

DT chose the perfect setlist IMO. It was my 12th time seeing them, but 5 out of 8 songs were songs that I had never heard them perform live before. And the 3 songs that I had heard before -- Erotomania, Voices, Metropolis -- I had only heard once before. That's pretty impressive considering it was my 12th show.

Here are my pictures from the show:

Some samples:

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