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Journey -- Devore, CA -- August 1st, 2009

Night Ranger started things out last night. I was really disappointed that Heart wasn't opening. I don't know why, ut i thought they were on the bill. But Night Ranger was pretty good. Not a huge fan but they played the songs that i did know.

Next up was Journey. they were a lot better this time around then last time i saw them. Plus they played Mother, Father!! My favorite journey song.

Separate Ways
Never Walk Away
Stone In Love
Change for the Better
Jon and Neal Harmonica/Guitar Instrumentals
Wheel in the Sky
Keep On Running
Jon's Piano Solo
Open Arms
Mother, Father
Where Did I Lose Your Love
Wildest Dream
Dead or Alive
Don't Stop Believin'
Anyway You Want It

Be Good To Yourself

And just a little side note, Journey has the worst fans ever! Everyone was sitting down! how lame was that. I hate old people!
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